Punjab Urdu Academy


Punjab Urdu Academy is the rewarding outcome of tireless efforts of several committed Urdu intellectuals, scholars, poets, fiction writers, students and researchers. They all unitedly and persistently have been demanding the establishment of Punjab Urdu Academy on practical lines. For that matter, the demand for the Academy symbolizes the aspirations of the whole of Punjab.
Hope was always there - a day would come when dreams come true:

Zinda hain is umeed isi aarzoo mein hum
Yeh shajar barg-o-bar bhi layega ek din

We know well that Punjab (Land of Five Rivers) and Urdu have been closely interlinked since ancient times. The renowned linguistic and researcher Hafiz Mehmood Sheerani has established with tenable historical evidences in his celebrated book Punjab Mein Urdu that undivided Punjab was the very fountainhead of Urdu language and literature. This indeed is commendable and something we feel so richly proud of.

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Our Mentors

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Captain Amrinder Singh


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S.Tript Rajinder Singh Bajwa

Vice Chairman

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Madam Razia Sultana

Sr. Vice Chairperson

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Mr. Latif Ahmed (P.C.S.)


PUA at a Glance

Punjab urdu academy

Objectives of PUA

The Aims and Objects for which the society is formed are to promote Urdu Language in the State as given below:

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